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Examples of 'disaffected' in a Sentence

1. Teachers are trying to reach out to disaffected students to prevent them from dropping out of school.
2. The disaffected members of the club decided to form their own group, focusing on their shared interests.
3. The organization has been losing support from disaffected donors who no longer believe in its mission.
4. Social media platforms can sometimes act as a gathering place for disaffected individuals to share their views.
5. The government needs to address the concerns of disaffected communities to ensure social stability.
6. The disaffected employees demanded better working conditions.
7. She felt disaffected by the company's unethical practices.
8. Many disaffected voters chose not to participate in the election.
9. The disaffected youth protested against government corruption.
10. His disaffected attitude toward the team was palpable.
11. Disaffected customers switched to a competitor's product.
12. The disaffected members left the organization in frustration.
13. The disaffected students voiced their grievances loudly.
14. Disaffected citizens called for political reform.
15. The disaffected workers sought fair wages and benefits.
16. Disaffected shareholders questioned the company's leadership.
17. Disaffected clients sought legal recourse for their grievances.
18. The disaffected community rallied for social justice.
19. He joined the ranks of the disaffected after the betrayal.
20. Disaffected fans boycotted the team's games.
21. The disaffected congregation sought a more inclusive church.
22. Disaffected patients sought alternative healthcare providers.
23. Disaffected residents protested against rising taxes.
24. The disaffected group demanded transparency from their leaders.
25. Disaffected citizens organized a peaceful protest for change.


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