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Examples of 'disappear' in a Sentence

1. Can you make this stain disappear?
2. The street performers sometimes disappear into the crowd.
3. With this new app, all the clutter on your phone can disappear.
4. If you don’t water the plants, they will disappear.
5. When I started a healthy diet, my cravings for junk food began to disappear.
6. The clouds slowly disappear revealing a starry night.
7. If I ignore the problem, do you think it will disappear?
8. The ink will disappear from the paper if exposed to sunlight.
9. As I drove away, my hometown began to disappear in the rearview mirror.
10. The car seemed to disappear into thin air.
11. When you put the solution on, the scratches will disappear.
12. If we don't protect endangered species, they might disappear from the Earth.
13. If you don’t secure your bicycle, it could disappear.
14. She uses a special cloth that makes fingerprints disappear from glass surfaces.

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