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Examples of 'disappointed' in a Sentence

1. The child's face lit up with excitement, then turned disappointed when the ice cream fell on the ground.
2. We were disappointed by the lack of communication from our landlord regarding the maintenance issue.
3. She had high hopes for the new book, but she was disappointed by the plot.
4. He felt disappointed in himself for not reaching his personal goals.
5. The customer was disappointed with the quality of the product and requested a refund.
6. After the long wait, I felt disappointed when the concert was canceled last minute.
7. Her performance left me disappointed, as I expected better from her.
8. I was disappointed with the movie's ending; it felt rushed and unsatisfying.
9. The restaurant's food quality left me disappointed compared to the reviews.
10. Despite my efforts, I was disappointed by the lack of progress in the project.
11. I couldn't help but feel disappointed when my favorite team lost the game.
12. The delayed flight left passengers feeling tired and disappointed.
13. His promises were empty, and I ended up deeply disappointed in him.
14. She worked hard but still felt disappointed by the exam results.
15. The product's quality was so low that I was truly disappointed.
16. My high hopes for the weekend getaway were dashed, leaving me disappointed.
17. Despite practicing for weeks, I was disappointed by my performance on stage.
18. The broken promises from my friend left me feeling deeply disappointed.
19. I had expected more from the book, but it left me disappointed.
20. The software's constant crashes left users feeling frustrated and disappointed.
21. I felt disappointed when my dream job interview didn't go as planned.
22. Their lack of communication left me disappointed in our relationship.
23. The long-anticipated sequel to the movie turned out to be a big disappointment.
24. The company's decision to cut benefits left employees deeply disappointed.
25. I invested so much time in the project, and the outcome was a great disappointment.

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