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Examples of 'disband' in a Sentence

1. The government decided to disband the task force following the successful completion of its mission.
2. The community theater group had no choice but to disband due to lack of funding.
3. The band's members decided to disband in order to pursue solo careers.
4. The board of directors voted unanimously to disband the struggling nonprofit organization.
5. The school's chess club had to disband when its faculty advisor retired.
6. The protest group reluctantly made the decision to disband after achieving their main objective.
7. The company was forced to disband one of its departments due to budget cuts.
8. The political party faced internal turmoil and ultimately decided to disband.
9. The youth club had to disband as attendance dwindled over time.
10. The band members announced their intention to disband at the end of their upcoming tour.
11. The neighborhood watch group voted to disband after a decline in community participation.
12. The governing body of the sport made the controversial decision to disband a professional league.
13. The dance crew made the difficult choice to disband after their choreographer relocated.
14. The volunteer group made the bittersweet decision to disband after years of serving the community.


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