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Examples of 'disbar' in a Sentence

1. The association should disbar those who have breached the professional code of conduct.
2. To disbar him for this seems excessively harsh and unfair.
3. The motion to disbar her passed unanimously, sending shock waves through the firm.
4. Their main objective is to disbar the lawyer who bribed the witness.
5. The legal panel will disbar the attorney if evidence of bribery is conclusive.
6. Only a serious violation can disbar a member of the law society.
7. It takes more than just rumors to disbar a practicing attorney.
8. If the investigation reveals fraud, they will disbar the implicated lawyer.
9. The judicial commission has the authority to disbar any attorney proven guilty.
10. To disbar her was a difficult decision, but it was necessary to maintain the profession's integrity.
11. Should they disbar a lawyer for a single, albeit grave, error?
12. Evidence surfaced that could disbar the senior partner at the firm.
13. Even a single act of misconduct can disbar you from practicing law.
14. They didn't want to disbar him, but his actions left them no other choice.


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