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Examples of 'discern' in a Sentence

1. The expert's experienced eye could discern the craftsmanship of the antique furniture.
2. The teacher could discern the student's confusion and offered additional guidance.
3. With practice, he learned to discern the subtle variations in color that others overlooked.
4. It took a discerning palate to discern the different spices in the complex dish.
5. As a writer, she had the ability to discern the underlying emotions in people's stories.
6. I could discern a faint scent of flowers in the garden.
7. She could discern the truth in his sincere eyes.
8. It's hard to discern the details in the dimly lit room.
9. The detective tried to discern a pattern in the clues.
10. With her keen vision, she could discern the distant mountains.
11. He struggled to discern the lyrics in the noisy concert.
12. It takes time to discern the subtle nuances of a foreign language.
13. The jury must discern the defendant's guilt or innocence.
14. Can you discern any changes in the patient's condition?
15. I can discern the excitement in his voice.
16. She could discern the melody from the jumble of sounds.
17. It's difficult to discern the truth amidst all the rumors.
18. The professor can discern even the tiniest errors in equations.
19. He couldn't discern her emotions from her expression.
20. I discerned a sense of urgency in her message.
21. It's essential to discern fact from fiction in this story.
22. The microscope helps scientists discern microscopic organisms.
23. You must discern the hidden meaning in the text.
24. She could discern the artist's signature in the corner.
25. We need to discern the best approach to solve this problem.


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