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Examples of 'discernment' in a Sentence

1. The counselor's discernment enabled her to provide personalized guidance to her clients.
2. The detective's discernment led to the discovery of a crucial clue in the investigation.
3. The judge's discernment allowed her to separate truth from fiction in the courtroom.
4. The CEO's discernment in business strategy propelled the company to new heights.
5. The coach's discernment of talent helped him build a championship-winning team.
6. The parent's discernment guided them in making important decisions for their child's education.
7. The therapist's discernment of emotions facilitated a breakthrough in the client's healing process.
8. The journalist's discernment in recognizing reliable sources ensured accurate reporting.
9. The chef's discernment of flavors resulted in a harmonious blend of ingredients.
10. The mentor's discernment provided valuable guidance to the mentee's career path.
11. The politician's discernment of public opinion shaped their policy decisions.
12. The professor's discernment of scholarly research allowed for a comprehensive understanding of the subject.
13. The investor's discernment helped them identify lucrative opportunities in the market.
14. The spiritual leader's discernment guided their followers towards enlightenment.


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