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Examples of 'discharge' in a Sentence

1. The mechanic completed the repairs and discharged the vehicle to the owner.
2. The electrician had to discharge the electrical system before starting the repairs.
3. The officer was authorized to discharge his weapon in self-defense.
4. The accountant prepared the final report and discharged the financial obligations.
5. The ship's captain ordered the crew to discharge the cargo at the port.
6. The lawyer helped the client discharge their legal obligations.
7. The teacher had to discharge the classroom duties before leaving for the day.
8. The dentist discharged the patient after a successful dental procedure.
9. The engineer discharged the water from the pipeline to prevent flooding.
10. The therapist helped the patient discharge their emotional baggage.
11. The security guard discharged his responsibilities diligently.
12. The plumber had to discharge the clogged drain to restore proper flow.
13. The manager instructed the staff to discharge their assigned tasks efficiently.
14. The veterinarian discharged the animal after completing the necessary treatments.

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