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Examples of 'discipline' in a Sentence

1. The soldier showed great discipline in following orders without question.
2. The student's discipline in studying paid off with excellent grades.
3. The lack of discipline among the students led to disruptive behavior in the classroom.
4. She needed to exercise more discipline in managing her time and priorities.
5. The coach emphasized the importance of discipline in achieving success.
6. The athlete's discipline in training was evident in their performance on the field.
7. The teacher praised the students for their discipline in completing their assignments on time.
8. Discipline is crucial in maintaining a healthy lifestyle.
9. The lack of discipline in the team's practice sessions affected their overall performance.
10. He decided to join the military to learn discipline and gain structure in his life.
11. The organization implemented a system of discipline to address misconduct.
12. The artist found discipline in adhering to a regular creative routine.
13. Discipline is a lifelong skill that helps individuals navigate challenges and achieve their goals.
14. The manager implemented new policies to instill discipline and improve productivity in the workplace.

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