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Examples of 'disclaim' in a Sentence

1. If you disclaim ownership of this document, it may be discarded.
2. He is too honest to disclaim his part in the mistake.
3. Do you disclaim all the accusations made against you?
4. They asked him to disclaim the rumors, but he refused.
5. The actress was forced to disclaim the comments she made about her co-star.
6. The organization had to disclaim its affiliation with the controversial group.
7. Lawyers will often disclaim statements that might incriminate their clients.
8. We disclaim any errors in the report and will rectify them.
9. The scientist had to disclaim his previous theory when new data was presented.
10. The store’s policy is to disclaim warranties on clearance items.
11. If you continue to disclaim responsibility, you will not learn from your mistakes.
12. To disclaim authorship of a literary work means to deny being its creator.
13. The museum had to disclaim the authenticity of the painting after it was proven to be a forgery.
14. The organization disclaimed any endorsement of the views expressed by its members.


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