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Examples of 'disclaimer' in a Sentence

1. The website's disclaimer stated that the opinions expressed were not endorsed by the company.
2. The email contained a disclaimer informing recipients that it was intended solely for the addressee.
3. The TV show included a disclaimer to remind viewers that it was a work of fiction.
4. The investment brochure included a disclaimer stating that past performance was not indicative of future results.
5. The article had a disclaimer clarifying that the author's views were not representative of the publication.
6. The medical study's disclaimer warned participants of potential risks involved.
7. The software's disclaimer emphasized that it was provided "as is" without any warranties.
8. The podcast began with a disclaimer acknowledging that the hosts were not experts in the discussed field.
9. The website's disclaimer noted that external links were provided for informational purposes only.
10. The survey's disclaimer assured participants that their responses would remain anonymous.
11. The insurance policy included a disclaimer detailing the exclusions and limitations.
12. The company's terms of service contained a disclaimer protecting them from liability.
13. The news article carried a disclaimer stating that the information was subject to change.
14. The social media influencer's post included a disclaimer indicating that it was a paid advertisement.

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