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Examples of 'discombobulate' in a Sentence

1. New technology tends to discombobulate those who are not accustomed to it.
2. His strange sense of humor can discombobulate people who don't know him well.
3. The winding roads in the mountain can easily discombobulate inexperienced drivers.
4. The new software update might discombobulate users who are not prepared for the changes.
5. The elaborate dance routine was designed to discombobulate the competition.
6. When the clocks change for daylight saving time, it always seems to discombobulate my sleep schedule.
7. The chemistry lesson on molecular structures will probably discombobulate a few students.
8. Unfamiliar surroundings tend to discombobulate pets, so it's important to make them feel safe.
9. The abrupt change in music tempo is meant to discombobulate the dancers.
10. This complex math problem will discombobulate anyone who doesn’t know the formula.
11. If you rearrange the furniture without telling anyone, it will discombobulate the whole family.
12. A surprise quiz can discombobulate students who haven't been paying attention in class.
13. The lecturer’s intricate explanations can discombobulate people who are new to the subject.
14. Trying to understand quantum mechanics is sure to discombobulate most people.


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