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Examples of 'disconnected' in a Sentence

1. The family's busy schedules left them feeling disconnected from each other.
2. The painter's abstract artwork conveyed a sense of disconnected shapes and colors.
3. The documentary explored the disconnected lives of individuals in a rapidly changing society.
4. The internet outage left the entire office feeling disconnected from the digital world.
5. The disconnected dance moves of the performer failed to impress the audience.
6. The phone call was disconnected abruptly, leaving us puzzled.
7. The disjointed conversation felt disconnected and confusing.
8. The story's plot seemed disconnected and hard to follow.
9. The Wi-Fi signal was weak, causing a disconnected browsing experience.
10. His thoughts felt disconnected, and he couldn't focus.
11. The old bridge's planks were loose and disconnected.
12. The group appeared disconnected, lacking unity.
13. The power outage left us in a disconnected state.
14. The series of events felt disconnected and random.
15. The movie's scenes seemed disconnected from the main story.
16. The disconnected pieces of the puzzle made it challenging to solve.
17. His words came out as a disconnected jumble.
18. The network issue left our devices disconnected from the internet.
19. The musician's performance was disjointed and disconnected.
20. The speech felt disconnected, lacking a central theme.
21. The remote village was disconnected from modern amenities.
22. The cables were frayed, making the connections disconnected.
23. Her thoughts felt disconnected, as if in a dream.
24. The road was filled with disconnected, uneven paving stones.
25. The assembly instructions were so confusing, it left us feeling disconnected from the task.

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