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Examples of 'disconsolate' in a Sentence

1. The disconsolate child clung to his favorite toy for comfort.
2. He appeared disconsolate after the breakup.
3. The disconsolate mother longed for her missing child.
4. The disconsolate artist's work reflected his inner turmoil.
5. Their disconsolate faces mirrored the tragedy they had witnessed.
6. The disconsolate patient brightened when visited by a loved one.
7. She sat alone in the disconsolate silence of her empty home.
8. The disconsolate employee struggled with job loss.
9. He offered a disconsolate apology for his mistake.
10. The disconsolate poet poured his emotions onto the page.
11. The disconsolate traveler missed his flight by mere minutes.
12. Despite her disconsolate state, she vowed to persevere.
13. The disconsolate atmosphere lifted when laughter filled the room.
14. They hugged each other tightly, finding comfort in their disconsolate grief.
15. The news of his death left her disconsolate and in tears.
16. He was disconsolate after losing his job.
17. The disconsolate look on her face revealed her sadness.
18. The team was disconsolate after losing the final game.
19. She was disconsolate after the loss of her pet.
20. He was disconsolate after the rejection from the college.
21. The disconsolate expression on the child's face broke her heart.
22. The small town was disconsolate after the factory closed.
23. He was disconsolate after the loss of his business.
24. The disconsolate atmosphere in the room was palpable.
25. She was disconsolate after the end of her long-term relationship.

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