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Examples of 'discontinue' in a Sentence


1. The software company will discontinue support for the old version of the program.
2. The fashion brand has decided to discontinue its seasonal collection.
3. The hotel will discontinue offering room service from next month.
4. The government has decided to discontinue the controversial policy.
5. Due to the negative side effects, the doctor advised me to discontinue the medication immediately.
6. The company will discontinue the older model to focus on its new product line.
7. Due to low ratings, the network decided to discontinue the TV show after one season.
8. If you experience severe side effects, discontinue the medication immediately.
9. Airlines often discontinue less profitable routes to optimize their operations.
10. After reviewing the data, they chose to discontinue the marketing campaign.
11. Schools may discontinue certain courses if there's a lack of student interest.
12. As technology advances, companies discontinue legacy software and hardware.
13. The magazine will discontinue its print edition and transition to digital.
14. After years of criticism, they decided to discontinue the controversial practice.
15. Due to budget constraints, we had to discontinue several community programs.
16. If symptoms persist, discontinue use and consult a healthcare professional.
17. The car manufacturer plans to discontinue diesel models by the end of the decade.
18. To save endangered species, hunters must discontinue illegal poaching activities.
19. The streaming service will discontinue some films and shows at the end of the month.
20. After the recall, stores were quick to discontinue the faulty product.
21. Upon the founder's retirement, they'll discontinue the artisanal line.
22. For safety reasons, we must discontinue operations until the equipment is fixed.
23. The city decided to discontinue the old tram system, opting for modern buses.
24. To protect local wildlife, we should discontinue the use of harmful pesticides.
25. If you discontinue your subscription, you'll lose access to premium features.

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