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Examples of 'discord' in a Sentence

1. Rather than fostering unity, the controversial decision led to heightened discord among team members.
2. The discord between the two families became the stuff of local legend, a cautionary tale about the dangers of feuding.
3. In the aftermath of the contentious election, national discord reached alarming levels, prompting calls for reconciliation.
4. The ongoing discord between management and employees threatened to cripple the company's operations.
5. Attempts to integrate the new software into the existing infrastructure led to unexpected discord and system failures.
6. Their marriage, once a model of compatibility, became fraught with discord due to constant misunderstandings.
7. Even within disciplines, scholars often find themselves embroiled in discord over theoretical approaches.
8. The book explored the discord between economic progress and environmental sustainability, urging a reevaluation of priorities.
9. Parental discord has been shown to have a significant impact on children's emotional well-being and development.
10. When they met to reconcile their differences, the discord between them proved too great to bridge.
11. In a corporate merger, discord among differing corporate cultures can become a significant obstacle to success.
12. Despite the outward appearance of success, the project was plagued by internal discord from its inception.
13. Intergenerational discord often stems from differing attitudes toward technology, social issues, and cultural norms.
14. The committee struggled to make any progress, as discord among its members led to stagnation and eventual dissolution.
15. The team was in discord over the decision to change the project's direction.
16. The disagreement between the two countries led to international discord.
17. The couple was in discord over the issue of having children.
18. The different political ideologies caused discord within the party.
19. The disagreement over the budget caused discord within the organization.
20. The team was in discord over the decision to hire a new member.
21. The discord between the neighbors was caused by loud music late at night.
22. The disagreement over the division of assets caused discord in the divorce proceedings.
23. The disagreement over the company's policies caused discord among the employees.
24. The team was in discord over the choice of a new leader.
25. The discord between the siblings was caused by a disagreement over their parent's will.
26. The disagreement over the proposed development caused discord in the town.
27. The different cultural values caused discord within the group.
28. The disagreement over the allocation of resources caused discord within the organization.

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