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Examples of 'discourse' in a Sentence


1. Healthy discourse fosters a culture of open dialogue and mutual respect.
2. Public discourse shapes public opinion and influences policy decisions.
3. The discourse between the two leaders aimed at resolving diplomatic tensions.
4. Meaningful discourse can bridge gaps and build connections among people.
5. The discourse in the classroom encouraged critical thinking and analysis.
6. The political discourse has shifted dramatically over the past decade.
7. She introduced a new topic into our evening's discourse.
8. Discourse analysis is crucial for understanding language in its social context.
9. His discourse on environmental issues was enlightening.
10. Modern media plays a pivotal role in shaping public discourse.
11. I enjoyed their intellectual discourse on philosophy and science.
12. The book delves deeply into the discourse of post-colonial identities.
13. Social networks have transformed the speed and breadth of global discourse.
14. They discouraged any discourse that might be considered controversial.
15. The discourse of power dynamics is prevalent in many literary works.
16. There's a pressing need to shift the discourse on mental health.
17. The professor's discourse on ancient civilizations captivated the class.
18. The panel aimed to elevate the discourse on racial inequalities.
19. Digital platforms can both elevate and degrade public discourse.
20. Poetry offers a unique discourse that often defies logical interpretation.
21. The discourse on gender roles has been evolving rapidly.
22. Cultural discourse can illuminate the beliefs and practices of a society.
23. They found common ground despite their differing discourses on economics.
24. The artist's work is a discourse on the fragility of human existence.

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