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Examples of 'disdain' in a Sentence

1. As an advocate for animal rights, she had nothing but disdain for trophy hunting.
2. The veteran musician's disdain for modern pop music was well-known in the industry.
3. Her disdain for tardiness led her to always arrive early to meetings and appointments.
4. The principal's disdain for dishonesty was clear in his stern speech about academic integrity.
5. The artist's avant-garde work was initially met with disdain by traditional art critics.
6. The team's disdain for their rival was evident in the intensity with which they played the game.
7. His disdain for technology was ironic considering he worked in a tech company.
8. The professor’s disdain for plagiarism was reflected in the strict policies outlined in the syllabus.
9. The community showed disdain for the proposed development, concerned about its impact on the environment.
10. He spoke about the topic with disdain, showing no interest or respect for it.
11. She treated the suggestion with disdain, making it clear that she thought it was ridiculous.
12. He regarded the person with disdain, showing no respect or consideration.
13. She viewed the idea with disdain, feeling that it was unworthy of consideration.
14. Her disdain for dishonesty was evident in her strict code of ethics.
15. He couldn't hide his disdain for the new policy during the meeting.
16. The actress couldn't conceal her disdain for the intrusive paparazzi.
17. Their disdain for the outdated technology was clear as they embraced modern tools.
18. The student's disdain for the assigned reading material was obvious.
19. The team's captain held a deep disdain for unsportsmanlike conduct.
20. The professor's disdain for plagiarism was well-known among students.
21. His disdain for authority figures made it difficult for him to follow rules.
22. The artist's disdain for traditional methods led to groundbreaking creations.
23. The politician's disdain for compromise hindered progress in negotiations.
24. Despite his disdain for public speaking, he faced the crowd with determination.

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