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Examples of 'disenchanted' in a Sentence

1. I am disenchanted with the state of current affairs and seek solace in books.
2. Her disenchanted gaze reflected the disappointment she felt in her team.
3. The disenchanted audience left the theater well before the performance ended.
4. Disenchanted with the bureaucracy, he decided to start his own business.
5. The once bright and vibrant artist had become disenchanted with his craft, creating a shift in his style.
6. After the scandal, she became disenchanted with politics.
7. His disenchanted expression reflected his broken dreams.
8. The employee grew disenchanted with the company's ethics.
9. The disenchanted voters sought a new political movement.
10. They left the once-beloved city feeling disenchanted.
11. The disenchanted fans boycotted the team's games.
12. She became disenchanted with love after heartbreak.
13. The disenchanted artist struggled to find inspiration.
14. Disenchanted with fame, he retreated from the spotlight.
15. The disenchanted students protested the education system.
16. He became disenchanted with the music industry's greed.
17. The disenchanted customers switched to a competitor.
18. She felt disenchanted with the state of the world.
19. Disenchanted by corruption, he left his political career.
20. The disenchanted activist continued to fight for change.
21. He grew disenchanted with his unfulfilling job.
22. Disenchanted by false promises, they lost faith in leadership.
23. The disenchanted traveler sought authenticity abroad.
24. She became disenchanted with organized religion.
25. The disenchanted artist found solace in solitude.


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