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Examples of 'disenchantment' in a Sentence

1. The employee's disenchantment with the company's unethical practices led them to quit their job.
2. The citizens' disenchantment with the government's policies fueled protests and demands for change.
3. The disenchantment with social media's impact on mental health prompted many users to limit their usage or deactivate their accounts.
4. The team's string of losses led to a feeling of disenchantment among the players and coaching staff.
5. The artist's disenchantment with the mainstream art scene drove them to create unconventional and thought-provoking works.
6. His disenchantment with politics deepened after the scandal.
7. The artist's disenchantment with fame was palpable.
8. The film portrayed the protagonist's journey of disenchantment.
9. Disenchantment often follows the loss of childhood innocence.
10. She experienced a sense of disenchantment with modern life.
11. The novel explored the theme of disenchantment in love.
12. The war left a trail of disenchantment in its wake.
13. His disenchantment with the corporate world led to a career change.
14. The play captured the characters' gradual disenchantment.
15. Disenchantment with the educational system sparked reform.
16. The artist's work reflected society's sense of disenchantment.
17. Her disenchantment with the city led to a move to the countryside.
18. Disenchantment can be a natural part of personal growth.
19. The documentary examined the disenchantment of a generation.
20. Disenchantment often follows unrealistic expectations.
21. The novel delved into the protagonist's disenchantment with fame.
22. Disenchantment with consumer culture drove them to minimalism.
23. The album's lyrics conveyed a sense of disenchantment.
24. Disenchantment can be a catalyst for positive change.
25. The philosopher pondered the nature of disenchantment in society.

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