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Examples of 'disgrace' in a Sentence

1. The company's unethical practices brought disgrace upon its reputation.
2. The scandalous affair was a disgrace to their marriage.
3. His drunken behavior was a disgrace to his own dignity.
4. The graffiti on the historical building was a disgrace to the city's heritage.
5. The student's cheating in the exam was a disgrace to academic integrity.
6. The company's failure to meet safety standards was a disgrace to employee well-being.
7. The public argument between the siblings was a disgrace to their family name.
8. The judge's biased ruling was a disgrace to the justice system.
9. The team's poor sportsmanship was a disgrace to fair play.
10. The employee's embezzlement of funds was a disgrace to the company's finances.
11. The CEO's discriminatory policies were a disgrace to workplace equality.
12. The politician's offensive remarks were a disgrace to public discourse.
13. The abandoned pets on the streets were a disgrace to humanity's compassion.
14. The artist's controversial artwork was a disgrace to traditional aesthetics.

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