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Examples of 'disgraceful' in a Sentence


1. The misuse of charitable funds by the organization's director was a disgraceful betrayal of donors' trust.
2. The politician's racist remarks were widely condemned as disgraceful and divisive.
3. The neglect and mistreatment of elderly residents in the nursing home was a disgraceful violation of their rights and dignity.
4. The media's sensationalized coverage of the celebrity's personal life was deemed disgraceful and intrusive.
5. His behavior at the event was utterly disgraceful.
6. The scandal exposed the company's disgraceful practices.
7. She felt the decision was a disgraceful betrayal.
8. The graffiti on the monument was disgraceful vandalism.
9. His rude comments were truly disgraceful.
10. The politician's lies were a disgraceful breach of trust.
11. The neglect of the elderly residents was disgraceful.
12. The teacher was shocked by the students' disgraceful behavior.
13. The company's treatment of its employees was disgraceful.
14. The verdict in the trial was deemed disgraceful by many.
15. The athlete's doping scandal was a disgraceful stain on his career.
16. The CEO's embezzlement was a disgraceful act of fraud.
17. The discrimination faced by the minority group was disgraceful.
18. The film portrayed the character's disgraceful descent into crime.
19. The environmental pollution was a disgraceful disregard for nature.
20. The behavior of the unruly crowd was disgraceful.
21. The school took action against the disgraceful hazing rituals.
22. The diplomat's comments were a disgraceful diplomatic blunder.
23. The journalist exposed the disgraceful conditions in the prison.
24. His lack of remorse for his actions was truly disgraceful.


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