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Examples of 'disguise' in a Sentence


1. She used makeup to disguise the blemishes on her face.
2. The chameleon can disguise itself by changing its skin color.
3. The undercover agent disguised himself as a delivery driver.
4. They disguised their laughter by pretending to cough.
5. The hacker disguised their IP address to avoid detection.
6. The actress wore a mask to disguise her appearance at the masquerade ball.
7. He tried to disguise his disappointment with a forced smile.
8. They used code words to disguise their conversation from eavesdroppers.
9. The artist disguised political commentary within their artwork.
10. The suspect disguised his fingerprints by wearing gloves.
11. The writer used a pseudonym to disguise their true identity.
12. The actress wore a wig to disguise herself for the role.
13. The team used camouflage to disguise their position in the forest.
14. The cat attempted to disguise itself by hiding among the stuffed animals.

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