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Examples of 'disgusting' in a Sentence

1. The thought of eating insects was disgusting to her.
2. The moldy and rotting fruit in the basket was a disgusting sight.
3. She couldn't stand the slimy sensation of touching raw seafood; it was too disgusting for her.
4. The behavior of the bully towards his classmates was despicably disgusting.
5. The foul language used by the speaker was highly offensive and disgusting.
6. The moldy food in the fridge was absolutely disgusting.
7. The sewer odor in the alley was overwhelmingly disgusting.
8. She found the insect infestation in her kitchen disgusting.
9. The trash left on the beach was a disgusting eyesore.
10. The dirty public restroom was beyond disgusting.
11. The slimy texture of the food made it disgusting to eat.
12. The thought of eating snails seemed disgusting to her.
13. The stagnant pond emitted a disgusting stench.
14. The film's gory scenes were too disgusting for some viewers.
15. The sight of roadkill on the highway was truly disgusting.
16. The spoiled milk in the fridge had a disgusting smell.
17. The public display of affection was seen as disgusting.
18. She couldn't bear the taste of the bitter medicine; it was disgusting.
19. The greasy, overcooked meal was utterly disgusting.
20. The overflowing trash can was a disgusting sight.
21. The dirty, cluttered room was truly disgusting.
22. The thought of eating insects was disgusting to many.
23. The unhygienic conditions in the restaurant were disgusting.
24. The sight of the roaches in the kitchen was disgusting.
25. The unsanitary bathroom was absolutely disgusting.


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