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Examples of 'dishearten' in a Sentence

1. Rejection can dishearten even the most resilient individuals.
2. Their indifference began to dishearten the dedicated volunteers.
3. Adversity can either dishearten or strengthen one's resolve.
4. Despite the challenges, they refused to let it dishearten them.
5. The initial failures should not dishearten your entrepreneurial spirit.
6. The news of the defeat did dishearten the team.
7. Don't let setbacks dishearten you; keep pushing forward.
8. It's important not to let failures dishearten your ambitions.
9. The lack of progress can dishearten even the most determined individuals.
10. Negative comments from others can dishearten your motivation.
11. The constant challenges in his career started to dishearten him.
12. Don't allow rejections to dishearten your pursuit of success.
13. The difficult journey ahead did dishearten some of the travelers.
14. The continuous obstacles can easily dishearten anyone.
15. It's natural to feel disheartened when faced with significant setbacks.
16. The overwhelming workload began to dishearten the team members.
17. The persistent failures were enough to dishearten her enthusiasm.
18. It's crucial to find ways to stay motivated when things dishearten you.
19. The lack of support can dishearten individuals trying to achieve their goals.
20. The negative feedback from critics disheartened the aspiring author.
21. It's easy to become disheartened by the challenges that arise in life.
22. The constant rejections can dishearten even the most resilient individuals.
23. The loss of a loved one can deeply dishearten a person.
24. It's important to seek encouragement during times that may dishearten you.

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