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Examples of 'dishevel' in a Sentence

1. If you dishevel your appearance, no one will recognize you.
2. Sometimes artists dishevel their studios to find inspiration.
3. Don’t dishevel the library; keep it organized.
4. I won’t dishevel my documents, I’ll keep them in order.
5. If you dishevel your clothes, you won't make a good impression.
6. The stylist told the model to dishevel her hair to achieve a rugged look.
7. You have to dishevel the blankets to make a fort.
8. The kids like to dishevel the living room while playing.
9. If you dishevel the office, it will take time to clean up.
10. I need to dishevel my organized notes to think creatively.
11. The actor decided to dishevel his polished image for his new role.
12. To portray the aftermath of the storm, dishevel the branches and leaves around.
13. The band wanted to dishevel the stage to make it look like a garage.
14. The wind disheveled her hair as she walked down the street.

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