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Examples of 'dishonorable' in a Sentence


1. The lawyer was disbarred for engaging in dishonorable conduct.
2. The athlete received a lifetime ban for their dishonorable behavior on and off the field.
3. The professor's plagiarized research was deemed dishonorable and led to professional consequences.
4. Engaging in dishonest business practices is considered dishonorable in the industry.
5. The jury found the defendant guilty of dishonorable conduct and recommended a harsh sentence.
6. His dishonorable conduct in the workplace cost him the trust of his colleagues.
7. Engaging in a dishonorable scheme, he sought personal gain at any cost.
8. The politician's actions were widely regarded as dishonorable and unethical.
9. She found it difficult to forgive his dishonorable betrayal.
10. The committee voted to expel him for his dishonorable behavior.
11. Cheating on the exam was a dishonorable act that had consequences.
12. His dishonorable actions left a stain on his family's reputation.
13. The dishonorable decision to lie only deepened the trust deficit.
14. They were expelled from the organization due to their dishonorable actions.
15. Facing allegations of embezzlement, he was labeled as dishonorable.
16. Her dishonorable tactics in the competition raised eyebrows.
17. The military code condemned his dishonorable actions on the battlefield.
18. The court deemed his conduct as dishonorable and sentenced him accordingly.
19. His dishonorable intentions were evident in his deceitful behavior.
20. The CEO's dishonorable practices were exposed by a whistleblower.
21. The scandal revealed a web of dishonorable dealings in the company.
22. Engaging in bribery was a deeply dishonorable choice.
23. He resorted to a dishonorable act to gain an unfair advantage.
24. The decision to manipulate the data was clearly dishonorable.
25. The community shunned him for his dishonorable actions.


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