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Examples of 'disillusion' in a Sentence

1. The autobiography will disillusion fans who thought the celebrity’s life was perfect.
2. Her parents tried to disillusion her about the impracticalities of her dream job.
3. The economics class managed to disillusion several students about the ease of making money.
4. The coach's dishonesty began to disillusion the team about his intentions.
5. It is not my aim to disillusion you, but I must present the facts.
6. The news report tried to disillusion the public about the so-called miracle cure.
7. His mentor tried to disillusion him about the effectiveness of his approach.
8. Sometimes reality has a way of stepping in to disillusion us from our fantasies.
9. The documentary will disillusion many who believe in the innocence of the convicted man.
10. She tried to disillusion her brother about the glitz and glamor of Hollywood.
11. The trial was meant to disillusion the public about the true motives of the politician.
12. The book aims to disillusion readers about the common myths in history.
13. The scandal served to disillusion many of his followers.
14. The teacher didn't want to disillusion the children but needed to correct the misconceptions.

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