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Examples of 'disillusionment' in a Sentence


1. The constant setbacks in her career led to a feeling of disillusionment and self-doubt.
2. The reality of parenthood brought a sense of disillusionment to the overwhelmed new parents.
3. The activist's disillusionment with the slow progress of social change prompted them to take more radical action.
4. The economic crisis resulted in widespread disillusionment with the government's handling of the situation.
5. The failure of the peace negotiations deepened the disillusionment among the war-torn communities.
6. His repeated lies led to a profound sense of disillusionment among his followers.
7. The movie's poor ending left me with a feeling of deep disillusionment.
8. The scandal resulted in widespread disillusionment with the government.
9. The company's unethical practices caused a collective sense of disillusionment.
10. Her failure to keep her promises resulted in my disillusionment.
11. The constant setbacks in the project led to growing disillusionment.
12. The discovery of corruption led to a wave of disillusionment in the organization.
13. His actions triggered a sense of disillusionment in their relationship.
14. The financial crisis left a trail of disillusionment among investors.
15. The election results brought about a sense of national disillusionment.
16. The team's poor performance was a source of disillusionment for fans.
17. The reality of the job was a stark contrast to his initial excitement, leading to disillusionment.
18. The artist's latest work was met with a sense of disillusionment from critics.
19. The repeated failures of the system led to a deepening disillusionment.
20. Their inability to deliver on their promises caused widespread disillusionment.
21. The once-trusted leader's betrayal resulted in a feeling of deep disillusionment.
22. The constant delays in the project led to mounting disillusionment among team members.
23. The erosion of trust led to a pervasive sense of disillusionment in society.
24. The end of the era brought a sense of collective disillusionment.
25. Her actions shattered my ideals, causing profound disillusionment.

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