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Examples of 'dislike' in a Sentence

1. My cat makes it evident that she dislikes baths.
2. The child clearly shows his dislike for vegetables.
3. They express their dislike of reality TV shows.
4. I have a deep-rooted dislike for dishonesty.
5. She discreetly reveals her dislike for math.
6. We openly discuss our dislike for waiting in long lines.
7. He confesses his strong dislike for doing laundry.
8. The team unanimously agrees on their dislike for Monday mornings.
9. They share a mutual dislike for early morning meetings.
10. I silently nodded to indicate my dislike for the proposal.
11. She occasionally mentions her dislike of public transportation.
12. He rarely hides his dislike for crowded places.
13. We discreetly exchange glances to express our mutual dislike.
14. They subtly hint at their dislike of certain political views.


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