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Examples of 'dislocate' in a Sentence

1. It is important not to dislocate the wires when you’re fixing the computer.
2. During the show, the magician will dislocate his thumb as a trick.
3. When a pop-up storm hits, it can dislocate outdoor furniture.
4. A professional can teach you how to dislocate the joints of a chicken for cooking.
5. Be gentle when you move the antique chair, so you don't dislocate its fragile legs.
6. The player had to leave the game because he felt he might dislocate his knee.
7. In a tornado, the winds are strong enough to dislocate bricks from buildings.
8. The contractor will dislocate the pipes to renovate the bathroom.
9. The rescue team tried to dislocate the rubble to find survivors.
10. The physical therapist showed her how to dislocate and relocate her shoulder safely.
11. You need to dislocate the lens from the camera before cleaning it.
12. The cat managed to dislocate the screen from the window and escape.
13. The sudden movement of the ship caused him to dislocate his balance.
14. If you dislocate the pages from this book, you won't be able to put them back properly.

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