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Examples of 'dislodge' in a Sentence

1. The construction crew used a crane to dislodge the heavy beam.
2. The janitor's mop helped dislodge the dirt from the floor.
3. The gardener's rake was used to dislodge the leaves from the garden bed.
4. The chef skillfully used a knife to dislodge the pit from the fruit.
5. The strong currents threatened to dislodge the boat from its moorings.
6. The mechanic had to dislodge the rusted part from the engine.
7. The rock climber carefully maneuvered to dislodge the loose rock.
8. The painter used a scraper to dislodge the peeling paint from the wall.
9. She struggled to dislodge the stuck drawer from its frame.
10. He used a hammer to dislodge the rusty nail from the wooden plank.
11. The protesters vowed to dislodge the corrupt officials from their positions of power.
12. The hiker had to dislodge a pebble from his shoe before continuing the hike.
13. The cat pounced on the bird, trying to dislodge it from its perch.
14. The technician used a special tool to dislodge the jammed paper from the printer.
15. The therapist helped the patient dislodge the traumatic memories that were holding them back.

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