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Examples of 'dismayed' in a Sentence

1. She was dismayed by the negative feedback she received on her presentation.
2. The parents were dismayed when they saw the messy state of their child's room.
3. He was dismayed to see the poor condition of the historic building.
4. The hiker was dismayed when he realized he was lost in the wilderness.
5. The artist was dismayed by the negative reviews of her latest exhibition.
6. She was dismayed by the sudden turn of events.
7. Their lack of progress left him feeling deeply dismayed.
8. The news of the accident left us all dismayed.
9. He was dismayed to find his work had been plagiarized.
10. The team's poor performance left the coach dismayed.
11. The sudden resignation of the CEO left investors dismayed.
12. The ongoing conflict in the region continues to dismay the international community.
13. She was dismayed by the state of the environment.
14. His failure to keep his promises left her dismayed.
15. The rising crime rate in the city has left residents dismayed.
16. The company's declining profits have shareholders dismayed.
17. The loss of their beloved pet left the family deeply dismayed.
18. The survey results were a source of great dismay for the marketing team.
19. The deteriorating relationship between the two nations is a cause for dismay.
20. The widespread corruption in the government has left citizens dismayed.
21. The lack of empathy from her colleagues left her feeling dismayed.
22. His indifference to the suffering of others was a source of dismay.
23. The company's failure to address employee concerns has led to widespread dismay.
24. The persistent delays in the project have left stakeholders dismayed.
25. The teacher was dismayed by the decline in students' performance.

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