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Examples of 'dismember' in a Sentence

1. The criminal's attempt to dismember the stolen jewelry was unsuccessful.
2. They had to dismember the broken furniture to remove it from the room.
3. The investigators found dismembered parts of the puzzle scattered across the floor.
4. The butcher used a sharp knife to dismember the meat into different cuts.
5. The surgeon carefully dismembered the damaged organ during the procedure.
6. The scavenger started to dismember the carcass to feast on its remains.
7. The authorities discovered dismembered remains in the abandoned warehouse.
8. The DIY enthusiast decided to dismember the old furniture to repurpose its parts.
9. The vulture swooped down to dismember its prey with its sharp beak.
10. The team of archaeologists carefully dismembered the ancient artifact for preservation.
11. The toy manufacturer warned against dismembering the small components as they could pose a choking hazard.
12. The dissection class had to dismember the frog to study its anatomy.
13. The chef demonstrated how to dismember the chicken for a flavorful dish.
14. The serial killer's gruesome acts involved attempting to dismember victims.
15. The chef needed to dismember the whole chicken for the recipe.
16. After the accident, they had to dismember the wreckage to clear the road.
17. Predators in the wild often dismember their prey to facilitate consumption.
18. The forensic expert had to dismember the remains to examine them thoroughly.
19. When dismantling the old machinery, they had to dismember it carefully.
20. The sculptor planned to dismember the large stone block into smaller sections.
21. Criminal organizations sometimes use acid to dismember evidence effectively.
22. Archaeologists cautiously dismembered the ancient artifacts for analysis.
23. During the autopsy, the pathologist had to dismember the body for examination.
24. In horror stories, monsters are known to dismember their victims in gruesome ways.

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