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Examples of 'dismount' in a Sentence

1. The circus performer plans an elaborate dismount from the trapeze.
2. The skier must dismount from the ski lift at the top of the slope.
3. The motorcyclist has to dismount and push the bike uphill.
4. The rock climber reaches a safe ledge to dismount and take a break.
5. The acrobat prepares for a daring dismount from the high wire.
6. The mountain biker is forced to dismount and carry the bike across a rocky section.
7. The gymnast practices a new dismount from the parallel bars repeatedly.
8. The cowboy is thrown off the wild horse but manages to dismount without injury.
9. The trapeze artist executes a flawless dismount, landing in the safety net.
10. The skateboarder prepares to dismount from the halfpipe after a successful trick.
11. The mountaineer reaches the summit and takes a moment to dismount from the climbing gear.
12. The gymnast executed a perfect dismount from the parallel bars.
13. She had to dismount from the bicycle to fix a flat tire.
14. The firefighter was trained to dismount from the ladder truck quickly and safely.
15. He forgot to dismount from the balance beam and fell off.
16. The acrobat's dismount from the trapeze was breathtaking.
17. The soldier learned how to dismount from the tank in case of an emergency.

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