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Examples of 'disorderly' in a Sentence

1. The traffic at the intersection became disorderly when the traffic lights malfunctioned.
2. The disorderly queue outside the store frustrated the shoppers waiting for their turn.
3. The disorganized and disorderly filing system made it challenging to locate important documents.
4. The protest escalated into a disorderly demonstration, with clashes between protesters and law enforcement.
5. The office party turned disorderly after the employees started dancing on tables and breaking glasses.
6. The students' behavior in class became increasingly disorderly.
7. The protest turned disorderly as tensions flared.
8. The cluttered workspace was incredibly disorderly.
9. The party became raucous and disorderly as the night went on.
10. His finances were in a disorderly state, with bills scattered.
11. The traffic jam resulted in a disorderly rush hour.
12. The festival devolved into a disorderly mess.
13. The locker room was consistently disorderly.
14. The factory's production process was highly disorderly.
15. The courtroom erupted into a disorderly scene.
16. The garden had become overgrown and disorderly.
17. The kitchen after the dinner party was a disorderly disaster.
18. The protest march remained largely disorderly.
19. The children's room was perpetually disorderly.
20. The disorganized files created a disorderly work environment.
21. The bar patrons became increasingly disorderly as the night wore on.
22. The team's play on the field was undeniably disorderly.
23. The bookshelf was a chaotic, disorderly mess.
24. The crowd outside the stadium grew disorderly.
25. The budget meeting became disorderly as disagreements arose.

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