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Examples of 'disparaging' in a Sentence


1. He couldn't help but make disparaging remarks.
2. His disparaging attitude undermined team morale.
3. Avoid using disparaging language in professional settings.
4. They exchanged disparaging glances during the meeting.
5. The comedian's humor often borders on disparaging.
6. Her disparaging critique left him disheartened.
7. His disparaging assessment of the situation was inaccurate.
8. It's important to refrain from making disparaging comments.
9. She responded to his criticism with a disparaging retort.
10. Disparaging others only reflects poorly on oneself.
11. The film's disparaging portrayal of the character sparked debate.
12. He frequently resorts to disparaging humor to gain attention.
13. The CEO's disparaging remarks about employees upset many.
14. Avoiding disparaging remarks fosters a positive environment.
15. Her disparaging tone made the conversation uncomfortable.
16. Disparaging remarks have no place in constructive dialogue.
17. The article's disparaging content stirred controversy.
18. She dismissed his ideas with a disparaging gesture.
19. Expressing disparaging views can damage relationships.

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