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Examples of 'disparate' in a Sentence

1. The party brought together disparate social circles.
2. Their disparate personalities made for an odd couple.
3. The company faced challenges due to disparate goals.
4. The students came from disparate parts of the world.
5. Their disparate experiences shaped their perspectives.
6. The project merged disparate ideas into a cohesive plan.
7. The disparate results puzzled the researchers.
8. He found common ground amid disparate opinions.
9. The disparate pieces of the puzzle finally fit together.
10. The group was made up of individuals with disparate backgrounds and experiences.
11. The company's employees had disparate levels of education and experience.
12. The community had disparate opinions on the proposed development project.
13. The data showed disparate results between the different regions.
14. The company's products had disparate prices, with some being very expensive while others were more affordable.
15. The study found that individuals from disparate socioeconomic backgrounds had different health outcomes.
16. The two sides had disparate views on the issue and were unable to find common ground.
17. The study found that the effects of the treatment were disparate among the different age groups.
18. The company's various departments had disparate levels of productivity.
19. The city's residents had disparate levels of income and access to resources.
20. The results of the study were disparate, with some participants showing significant improvement while others showed no change.

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