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Examples of 'disparity' in a Sentence

1. The disparity in technological advancements between developed and developing countries can hinder global progress.
2. The report shed light on the disparity in the allocation of funds to public schools.
3. The disparity in the prices of the same product between different stores was astonishing.
4. The campaign aims to reduce the disparity in representation of different ethnicities in the media.
5. There is a striking disparity between the candidate's promises and his actual actions once elected.
6. The nutritionist pointed out the disparity in the availability of healthy food options in different neighborhoods.
7. The conference focused on addressing the disparity in disaster preparedness between coastal and inland communities.
8. The researchers analyzed the disparity in language acquisition rates among children of different backgrounds.
9. The company is striving to eliminate any disparity in opportunities for career advancement among its employees.
10. The wealth disparity between the rich and poor continues to widen.
11. Educational disparities can impact future opportunities.
12. Racial disparities in healthcare access need to be addressed.
13. Income disparities can lead to social inequality.
14. There is a disparity in access to clean water in some regions.
15. The disparity in test scores raised concerns about the education system.
16. We must work to bridge the digital divide and reduce tech disparities.
17. Disparities in treatment can affect patient outcomes.
18. Housing disparities can contribute to neighborhood segregation.
19. Social disparities can perpetuate cycles of poverty.
20. The disparity in resources between schools affects students' education.
21. Efforts to reduce economic disparities are crucial for social justice.
22. There's a noticeable disparity in opportunities based on location.
23. Data reveals a stark income disparity within the country.

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