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Examples of 'dispassionate' in a Sentence

1. A dispassionate review exposed the weaknesses in the manuscript.
2. In negotiations, being dispassionate can lead to better outcomes.
3. The therapist provided dispassionate guidance during the session.
4. Dispassionate analysis is crucial in scientific research.
5. The detective's dispassionate approach solved the complex case.
6. In conflict resolution, a dispassionate mediator is essential.
7. A dispassionate assessment of the situation is necessary.
8. Lawyers must maintain a dispassionate view of their cases.
9. The dispassionate evaluation revealed the project's potential.
10. Diplomacy requires a dispassionate consideration of all parties.
11. A dispassionate discussion led to a rational decision.
12. Scientists aim for dispassionate objectivity in their studies.
13. Leaders must make dispassionate decisions for the greater good.
14. In emergencies, a dispassionate response is critical.
15. The scientist gave a dispassionate presentation on the findings.
16. The reporter remained dispassionate while covering the story.
17. The politician tried to appear dispassionate during the debate.
18. The teacher gave a dispassionate evaluation of the student's work.
19. The therapist remained dispassionate during the session.
20. The analyst gave a dispassionate analysis of the stock market.
21. The historian gave a dispassionate account of the event.
22. The jury was instructed to be dispassionate in their decision.
23. The doctor remained dispassionate while delivering the bad news to the patient.
24. The critic gave a dispassionate review of the book.
25. The detective remained dispassionate while questioning the suspect.


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