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Examples of 'dispatch' in a Sentence

1. We must dispatch a letter to our suppliers informing them of the changes.
2. The agency will dispatch a representative to answer your queries.
3. The manager will dispatch the inventory to the warehouse today.
4. The government decides to dispatch humanitarian aid to the disaster-hit region.
5. The captain will dispatch a rescue boat to help the stranded sailors.
6. They dispatch an invitation to the members for the annual meeting.
7. The organization plans to dispatch a research team to study the wildlife in the area.
8. The school will dispatch the report cards at the end of the term.
9. The committee decides to dispatch a survey to gather opinions.
10. The factory will dispatch the new product line to stores nationwide.
11. The customer service will dispatch an email with the details of your booking.
12. The charity decides to dispatch clothes and food to the homeless shelter.
13. The coach will dispatch a fitness trainer to help with the team's conditioning.
14. The hospital needs to dispatch more doctors to the emergency room.


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