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Examples of 'disperse' in a Sentence

1. The company plans to disperse its new software updates next month.
2. The protesters refused to disperse despite the warnings.
3. The confetti cannons will disperse colorful papers into the air at the end of the ceremony.
4. The villagers used fans to disperse the smoke from the kitchen.
5. The scent of the flowers seemed to disperse throughout the entire garden.
6. The fans began to disperse when the game was canceled due to rain.
7. The oil did not mix with the water, instead, tiny droplets began to disperse throughout it.
8. They used a drone to disperse pesticides over the crop field.
9. As the meeting ended, the executives started to disperse to catch their flights.
10. The charity decided to disperse the donations among the various organizations.
11. The ink started to disperse in the water, creating a beautiful pattern.
12. The bats disperse from the cave at dusk to hunt for food.
13. The firefighters used large fans to disperse the smoke and clear the building.
14. The tribe used to disperse into the forest during the annual gathering to collect herbs.


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