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Examples of 'displace' in a Sentence

1. The expansion of the airport will displace a nearby village.
2. The tornado's force was strong enough to displace cars and trees.
3. The company's restructuring plan will displace several employees.
4. The construction of the dam will displace several endangered species.
5. The conflict in the region has displaced millions of people.
6. The hurricane has the potential to displace coastal communities.
7. The construction of the new shopping center will displace several small businesses.
8. The landslide has the ability to displace large amounts of soil and rocks.
9. The government's policy on immigration can displace asylum seekers.
10. The development of the new resort will displace a portion of the local flora and fauna.
11. The volcanic eruption has the potential to displace nearby residents.
12. The demolition of the old building will displace several historical artifacts.
13. The earthquake could displace entire communities.
14. They plan to displace the old furniture with new pieces.
15. The floodwaters threatened to displace residents.
16. The construction project might displace local wildlife.
17. The renovation will displace tenants temporarily.
18. The storm surge could displace beachfront homes.
19. Rising sea levels could displace coastal populations.
20. The landslide could displace large rocks down the hill.
21. The new parking lot will displace some green space.
22. The dam project could displace nearby villages.
23. The road expansion may displace roadside businesses.
24. They aim to displace the old system with a new one.

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