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Examples of 'displease' in a Sentence

1. The loud music late at night tends to displease our neighbors.
2. It will displease the committee if we fail to meet the deadline.
3. Your constant procrastination seems to displease your peers.
4. If you displease the customer with poor service, they might not return.
5. It does displease me when you do not take our discussions seriously.
6. His rude comments never fail to displease those around him.
7. The decision to cancel the event will displease many attendees.
8. Continual delays in the project started to displease the client.
9. Criticizing her work would only displease her further.
10. It's essential not to displease customers with poor service.
11. Their constant bickering began to displease their friends.
12. His actions began to displease even his closest allies.
13. Failing to meet deadlines can displease your boss.
14. Making excuses tends to displease the supervisor.
15. Negative reviews can displease potential customers.
16. Misleading advertising may displease consumers.
17. His arrogant attitude continued to displease coworkers.
18. Overpricing products can displease budget-conscious shoppers.
19. Continuous interruptions can displease meeting participants.
20. Failure to communicate can displease team members.
21. Ignoring feedback can displease customers.
22. Rushed work tends to displease clients.
23. Disregarding safety protocols can displease authorities.
24. Skipping important steps can displease quality control.
25. Cutting corners may displease both investors and regulators.


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