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Examples of 'displeased' in a Sentence


1. The hotel guest left a displeased review due to the poor service.
2. The coach was displeased with the team's lackluster performance in the game.
3. The customer service representative tried to appease the displeased customer.
4. The student received a displeased glare from the teacher for forgetting to do the homework.
5. The politician's controversial statement left many voters displeased.
6. She looked displeased when she received the news.
7. The customer appeared displeased with the service.
8. His constant lateness left his boss quite displeased.
9. The team was displeased with the project's outcome.
10. Sarah's frown revealed she was displeased.
11. Their consistent errors left the manager displeased.
12. The coach seemed displeased with the team's performance.
13. The client grew more displeased with each delay.
14. His rude behavior left everyone displeased.
15. The audience's silence indicated they were displeased.
16. The teacher's stern tone made the student feel displeased.
17. The employee's lack of effort left coworkers displeased.
18. A series of mistakes left the client thoroughly displeased.
19. The restaurant's cold food left customers displeased.
20. Her unkept promises made her friends displeased.
21. The unresolved issue left the customer visibly displeased.
22. The long wait times left passengers displeased.
23. The team's constant infighting made the coach displeased.
24. The patron's complaint was clear: she was displeased.
25. Management's decision left employees deeply displeased.

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