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Examples of 'Herculean' in a Sentence

1. Climbing the mountain was a Herculean endeavor.
2. Repairing the ancient castle was a Herculean project.
3. Writing a novel in a month is a Herculean goal.
4. Crossing the desert is a Herculean journey.
5. The rescue mission was a Herculean operation.
6. Achieving world peace is a Herculean aspiration.
7. The athlete's training regimen is Herculean.
8. Transforming the company is a Herculean challenge.
9. Navigating the dense jungle is a Herculean task.
10. The construction of the bridge required Herculean strength.
11. Completing the triathlon is a Herculean achievement.
12. Finding a cure for the disease is a Herculean endeavor.
13. Breaking the world record is a Herculean accomplishment.
14. The astronaut's spacewalk was a Herculean mission.
15. The task ahead of them seemed like a Herculean effort.
16. The athlete's performance was nothing short of Herculean.
17. The project required a Herculean effort to complete.
18. He had to exert Herculean effort to lift the heavy weight.
19. The rescue mission was a Herculean task that required great strength and determination.
20. The company's growth was the result of a Herculean effort by the team.
21. The cleanup after the storm was a Herculean task that required the help of many volunteers.
22. The athlete's Herculean effort helped him break the world record.
23. The students' Herculean effort helped them pass the difficult exam.
24. The company's success was the result of the CEO's Herculean efforts.
25. The construction of the bridge was a Herculean task that required years of work.


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