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Examples of 'Luddite' in a Sentence

1. She struggled to adapt to the digital age, feeling like a Luddite in a tech-dominated world.
2. They were seen as Luddites, clinging to outdated practices in a rapidly evolving industry.
3. The Luddite argued that technological advancements were eroding human connection and skills.
4. He faced criticism for his Luddite views in a society that embraced constant technological progress.
5. The Luddite movement of the 19th century protested the introduction of automated textile machinery.
6. She found solace in the Luddite community, where like-minded individuals shared their concerns about technology.
7. They read books by famous Luddite thinkers to gain insight into their philosophy.
8. The Luddite's skepticism towards new gadgets led them to prefer analog alternatives.
9. He held a deep suspicion of technology, a belief he shared with fellow Luddites.
10. She was labeled a Luddite by her peers for her reluctance to adopt new digital tools.
11. They admired the Luddite principles of simplicity and human connection.
12. The Luddite's resistance to change stemmed from a fear of losing craftsmanship and autonomy.
13. He joined the Luddite movement to protest the dehumanizing effects of industrialization.
14. She faced ridicule for her Luddite tendencies but remained steadfast in her beliefs.

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