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Examples of 'machiavellian' in a Sentence

1. She employed Machiavellian strategies to undermine her rivals and secure her position.
2. They were wary of his Machiavellian charm, knowing he had ulterior motives.
3. The Machiavellian plot involved intricate schemes and calculated moves.
4. He revealed his Machiavellian side, manipulating others for personal gain.
5. Her Machiavellian approach to relationships left a trail of broken hearts.
6. They studied Machiavellian philosophy, exploring the principles of power and manipulation.
7. The Machiavellian advisor whispered in the king's ear, influencing his decisions.
8. She saw through his Machiavellian machinations and refused to be manipulated.
9. They uncovered the true nature of the Machiavellian mastermind behind the scenes.
10. The Machiavellian character in the story was willing to sacrifice anything for their ambitions.
11. He fell victim to a Machiavellian scheme, unaware of the intricate web being spun around him.
12. The Machiavellian nature of the corporate world required strategic thinking and calculated actions.
13. They couldn't trust his Machiavellian smile, suspecting hidden motives behind it.
14. The Machiavellian leader's reign came to an end as their true intentions were exposed.


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