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Examples of 'Neolithic' in a Sentence

1. Neolithic art includes pottery, sculptures, and rock paintings.
2. The Neolithic period is considered the last phase of the Stone Age and the beginning of the Bronze Age.
3. Neolithic culture and technology spread across Europe, Asia, and Africa.
4. The end of the Neolithic period is marked by the introduction of iron technology and the beginning of the Iron Age.
5. The Neolithic era marked a pivotal shift from hunting to farming.
6. Neolithic communities cultivated crops for sustenance.
7. Neolithic tools were crafted with more precision.
8. Pottery became essential during the Neolithic period.
9. Neolithic people constructed durable stone structures.
10. The Neolithic revolution transformed human societies.
11. Neolithic art often depicted agricultural scenes.
12. Neolithic settlements thrived near fertile lands.
13. Domesticating animals was a Neolithic achievement.
14. Neolithic people developed complex social structures.
15. Neolithic farming techniques advanced over time.
16. The Neolithic age brought about permanent homes.
17. Neolithic pottery displayed intricate designs.
18. The Neolithic era saw the rise of trade networks.
19. Neolithic communities had surplus food supplies.

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