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Examples of 'Pavlovian' in a Sentence

1. Her Pavlovian habit was to reach for her phone every time she heard a notification sound.
2. The Pavlovian experiment showed that the sound of a bell could trigger a range of emotional responses in the participants.
3. Whenever the car stopped at a red light, his Pavlovian reaction was to check his phone.
4. The Pavlovian response of licking his lips occurred whenever he saw a plate of his favorite dessert.
5. The Pavlovian training made the dog associate the sound of a clicker with receiving a treat.
6. The Pavlovian experiment revealed how easily fear could be conditioned in subjects through repeated exposure to a particular stimulus.
7. The Pavlovian response of flinching occurred whenever he heard a loud noise.
8. After years of Pavlovian conditioning, he couldn't help but feel hungry whenever he smelled freshly brewed coffee.
9. Her Pavlovian response to the alarm clock was to hit snooze.
10. He couldn't resist the Pavlovian urge to check his phone.
11. The smell of fresh-baked cookies had a Pavlovian effect on me.
12. The Pavlovian training made the dog salivate at the bell sound.
13. His Pavlovian reaction to stress was to bite his nails.
14. She had a Pavlovian association between coffee and mornings.
15. The Pavlovian routine of their morning jog became comforting.
16. The Pavlovian response to the bell was instantaneous.
17. The Pavlovian behavior of checking emails constantly is common.
18. The Pavlovian conditioning had lasting effects on their habits.
19. He had a Pavlovian reflex to reach for his wallet when dining out.
20. The Pavlovian connection between music and memories is profound.
21. The Pavlovian training had ingrained the habit deeply.
22. His Pavlovian fear of spiders was hard to overcome.
23. The Pavlovian association between red lights and stopping is crucial for road safety.

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